O mnie

My name is Michał Bąk. I am twenty nine years old and I come from Poland. I was born in Rzeszów on the thirteenth of July, nineteen eighty-seven. I lived in Nowa Sarzyna, fifty kilometers from Rzeszów. In two thousand and six I graduated from High School of mathematics and informatics. Continuing my studies at the School of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow on the computer of specialization: Software Engineering. In two thousand and nine, I received my Engineer's degree in said specialization. After that I started studying at Krakow University of Technology majoring in computer science. Specializing in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. In twenty twelve I wrote a master's thesis on the above subjects.
I’ve specialised in IT creating websites for the last two years. During this time I worked in companies: OPGK Rzeszów S.A, Ideo Rzeszów and Mimigroup in Poland. The position on which I worked was primarily a Web designer. I was proud of the last job as I designed graphics and programme creating a demo reservation system for trains. I invite you to look at the portfolio.