Engineering thesis "Semetic web, video rental based on a relation database".

Year: 2010
Language: OWL, SQL, XML
Software: Protege, Access
Pdf file: open file

The subject of the engineering thesis is the description of the sematic web created for video rentals. Semantic web presents a certain area of knowledge or elements of reality. Categorization and hierarchization methods are used when designing semantic web. Sematic web for video rentals store information about films in video rentals, clients and rentals. Semantic web was created in the OWL language. Based on the sematic web for rentals I created questions in SPARQL. The SPARQL query language allows you to extract information from a semantic web. The gallery contains a generated class diagram and links between them.

Sematc web

PHP Analyzer

Year: 2010
Software: JavaCC
Pdf file: open file

The analyzer allows you to easily analyze the syntax of the PHP programming language. The project was created to pass the subject Construction Compilers. JavaCC is a parser generator for Java, operating on LL (k) grammars.

Analizator PHP.